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Fonix DLC (Drivers Licence Checking) feature

The Fonix DLC (Drivers Licence Checking) feature allows companies to automatically carry out digital checks on UK driving licences. The system will also check the drivers CPC information & Tacho Card Information if available. This feature has been specifically designed to ensure your drivers have the right credentials to legally drive on behalf of your company. The Fonix DLC will improve company efficiencies and demonstrates exemplary levels of driver compliance in HSE ‘duty of care’.

How Does it work?

Fonix have a direct link to the DVLA for our licence checking service enabling you to check your employees licences in a click of a button.

Once the drivers licence details have been entered in the DLC, the system will send out an e-consent request email directly to the driver. This consent allows the company to carry out checks on the driver’s licence for 3 years, meaning you can recheck a licence at any point during that period without having to regain consent from the driver. Once you have set the Automatic Check Frequency within the admin panel, the Fonix DLC will automatically set up a recheck schedule which then runs in the background giving you full automation and peace of mind. Individual or Summary reports can be sent through on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Fully automated tasks and alerts

What is Checked?

A Driving licence is Valid and the driver is not disqualified

Current endorsements and points on the driving licence

The correct Information on a drivers licence

Driver licence validity dates

The vehicle categories an employee can drive

The Licence Check Detailed Report

In this report you can see the Drivers full Name, when the information was last updated, when the next check is scheduled, the status of the licence, when the licence was issued, when it expires, the number of active points, the entitlements and the endorsements. The endorsements show a breakdown of points and how they were gained. Intuitive links to the DVLA’s website have been provided should you not recognise the offence code.

What do it get with this Feature?

Fully Automated Drivers Licence Checks

Monitor Driver Licence Validity and Expiry date

Confirmation of Driver Vehicle Categories

Current endorsements and offence penalty points

Report on previous and next check dates for FORS

Satisfy compliance and insurance requirements

Driver licence status and entitlement to drive

Licence Check Summary Report

You are in full control

The DLC administration panel allows you to define the frequency that you would like to carry out Drivers Licence Checks for you employees. As default the checks will be carried out every 6 Months for Employees who have up to 3 points, every 3 Months for Employees who have between 4 and 6 points and every 1 Month for Employees who have more than 6 points.