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Managing a fleet of vehicles can often be time-consuming and confusing.  Getting the best from a fleet and improving operational and financial performance is imperative and that’s where we come in.

At Fonix we understand the importance of fleet management and use the most up to date technologies on the market, ensuring the best user experience. All our features are under one system, meaning easy access to critical data on the performance of the fleet.

Our system gives an all-round view of performance and is much more than just a vehicle tracking platform. We are continuously developing the system to ensure our partners have the latest ground breaking technologies to attack the market with.

Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

A vehicle tracking solution is essential to help reduce fuel costs, identify idle time, pay accurate overtime and pinpoint fleet mileage.

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Plant Tracking

Our plant tracking systems helps protect assets and ensures that equipment is being used in the most optimum way.

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Trailer Tracking

Our business intelligence can help identify trailer productivity, reduce waste and costs too ensuring that any businesses sees a return on their trailer investment.

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Camera Solutions

Dash Cameras

Dash cams have increased in popularity and many businesses are using them to provide first-hand evidence against driving incidents and accidents.

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Multi Camera

Multi camera setups add that extra layer of data for fleet management and provide full video footage to show exactly what happened in case of an incident.

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Telematics Camera

Telematics cameras are becoming increasingly more popular and can be  either linked to a tracking system or cameras that have a tracking system built into it.

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