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At Fonix we operate a partner programme. We find that smaller businesses prefer to purchase from suppliers that they know, like and trust and can forge strong relationships with. Our programme has been created as a way of selling our products and services to your customers.

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The wholesale process we operate on is designed to offer total management, allowing you to set the prices and your own terms for your customers. Fonix supplies our partners with the hardware and software at a wholesale price.

With our dedicated programme we don’t place restrictions on who you can and can’t sell too, we want to make sure you have the ability to create your own tailored made Fonix solutions for your customers.

How will becoming a partner benefit me?

You’ll be part of a growing network that has a widely recognisable brand, you’ll add a new source of revenue to your business and you’ll be jumping on the opportunity of a growing market place where demand is increasing rapidly.

We also provide full training for all our partners, marketing and technical support and access to innovative products.

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