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Fonix VC204 Telematics Dash Camera


The VC204 is a slim line, 4G, dual camera Dash Camera with best in class clarity and unbelievable data storage. Be prepared to be amazed…


2 Channel – Forward Facing and in cab

1080P Full HD Resolutions on both Cameras

Expandable to 4 cameras all 1080P video camera

Advanced Security with Encrypted video footage

2 x lockable SD card slots allowing 2 X 256GB Cards

Built in GPS & WIFI

Live Streaming

Remote Footage Download

3-Axis accelerometer for G-Sensor

H264 Compression

25/30fps per channel

Customisable Record modes

Playback software provided

Power Supply: 8 – 36V


VC200 Range Specification


Channels 2 + 2 (Optional)
Quality Full HD (1080p)
Memory Type 2 x SD Card
Memory Capacity 512GB
Connectivity Optional  4G
Wifi Optional
G Sensor Yes
Battery Yes
Loop Recording Yes
 Incident Detection Yes
Video Output Yes
Video Encryption Yes
Audio Recording Yes
Compression H.264
Recording FPS 25
Recording Modes 4
Digital Inputs 4
Digital Outputs 1
Turning / Reversing Trigger Yes
Lockable Storage Yes
USB Slot Yes
RS232 Ports 2
RS485 Ports 2
Power Input DC 8-36V
Size (mm) 120/94/36



Model Options


VC201 – Not Connected

VC204 – 4G Connectivity

VC201+ – Not Connected with hub for additional 2 x cameras

VC204+ – 4G Connectivity with hub for additional 2 x cameras


Other DVR Model Available


VC400               Supports up to 4 x AHD Cameras

VC600               Supports up to 6 x AHD Cameras

VC800               Supports up to 8 x AHD Cameras

VC1080             Supports 4 x AHD Cameras in Full HD