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Fonix VC600 MDVR



The VC600 is our 6 channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR). Our MDVR’s have been designed to maximise the safety of the driver of the vehicle as well as those outside of it. Giving crystal clear footage via its 6 x AHD cameras this MDVR wont miss a thing. Audible alerts can be sounded automatically when a vehicle is turning or reversing to let pedestrians, cyclists and other road users know that the vehicle is making a manoeuvre. Reversing and side cameras will eliminate high risk blind spots giving visibility to these areas via the in cab monitor. There are endless Safety, Compliance and insurance benefits to this MDVR.


See highlights below:


Connect up to 6 x AHD Cameras
All cameras recording in crystal clear HD
4G Connectivity to ensure the fastest footage download (Optional).
Supports up to a HUGE 2TB Hard Drive with 128 SD Card
Built in Anti Vibration technology
Real time tracking data
Events Notification
Lockable storage area
Encrypted Data


VC600 Range Specification


Channels 6
Quality HD (720p)
Memory Type Hard Drive
+ SD Card
Memory Capacity 2TB HDD
+ 128GB SD
Connectivity Optional 3G / 4G
Wifi Optional
G Sensor Yes
Battery Yes
Loop Recording Yes
 Incident Detection Yes
Video Output Yes
Video Encryption Yes
Audio Recording Yes
Compression H.266
Recording FPS 25
Recording Modes 4
Digital Inputs 8
Digital Outputs 2
Turning / Reversing Trigger Yes
Lockable Storage Yes
USB Slot Yes
RS232 Ports 2
RS485 Ports 2
Power Input DC 8-36V
Size (mm) 196/205/59


Model Options


VC601 – Not Connected

VC604 – 4G Connectivity


Other Model Available


VC400               Supports up to 4 x AHD Cameras

VC800               Supports up to 8 x AHD Cameras

VC1080             Supports 4 x AHD Cameras in Full HD